Not all Drag is Bad

Last week I wrote about project drag.

This past Friday I spoke about workflow baggage.

Both my article and my presentation are designed to help people alleviate the things that are holding them back in their project work. As long as I’ve worked in the Web industry, I’ve wanted to get better work completed in shorter amounts of time. Today I realized that there is such a thing as too fast.

Not all project drag is bad. Sometimes resistance is good. We all need someone to challenge us, to question our initial responses. I am blessed to have a partner in life (my super-smart and super-beautiful wife) who does this. I am also blessed to have a partner in work (the Vice President of Sparkbox, Rob Harr) who does this. Without these kinds of relationships, who knows what deep dark hole of crazy any of us would find ourselves in.

So, thanks to those who are willing to speak out, to question the defaults. Thanks to those who have the presence of mind to slow down and think before they jump. May you all have someone who cares enough to question.